Hey again, it's Danika,

When my camera isn't out I am probably on a nature walk with my little ones and some friends, or working on a project at home, with a fresh loaf of sourdough bread in the oven. 

Working from home with my husband, we homeschool our girls, practice homesteading and learning hands on skills, and spend time DIY-ing projects. We're currently looking for a place to settle down and start our homesteading adventure. 

I love all things motherhood, pregnancy, birth, and just all around natural motherhood. We just had our third baby girl and are loving the stage of life we're in with all our daughters. Our dream is to learn beside them as we become more self sufficient and free. 


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I am sharing some of my tips that I have learned this past year about Sourdough and how to take great care of your starter! You can even get your own starter going in just seven days and be ready to start baking.

June 7, 2021

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