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What is Kangen Water?

"kangen water" is ionized electrolyzed reduced hydrogen rich water 

Kangen Water is trademarked by Enagic International, a Japan based business that is the leading manufacturer of Water Ionizers in the world. 

These water systems produce hydrogen rich, Electrolyzed Reduced drinking water. Not only is Kangen water for drinking, but there are 68+ incredible uses for this water. 

What does Electrolyzed Reduced Water do for our bodies?

1. Provides Increased Hydration. 
Through ionization, the size of the water clusters (water molecules like to stick together) become reduced by 2/3 and are able to penetrate deeper into the cells, which also helps our body flush out toxins. This water is 6x more hydrating than your standard water! 

2. Balances Body pH.
Kangen water raises the pH of tap water (after filtering chlorine, lead, and other sediments) through the manual process of ionization aka splitting the water molecule. The water helps our body buffer our acidic diets and environment, as well as return to homeostasis more efficiently.
**Note that this is not the recently trendy "Alkaline water" which has minerals physically added to the water, sits in plastic bottles for who knows how long, and can lead to build up of minerals and negative effects in our bodies- alkalized water is completely different.**

3. Increases Blood Oxygenation.
With the abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) that donate free electrons to unstable oxygen free radicals, results in stable oxygen molecules. 

4. Neutralizes Free Radicals.
The extra electrons in Kangen Water neutralize harmful free radicals in our bodies! With the high negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential) it makes Kangen water a powerful, potent anti-oxidant. 

The main qualities of the water


"A new prescription for health" 

pubmed science on the water

healing testimonials

Oxidation Reduction Potential demo

Here are a few examples of the many uses...

2.5 ph strong acidic

8.5-9.5 ph kangen water

11.5 strong alkaline

Kills Microbes



Use on wounds, burns, cuts, infections

Anti-Viral- Use for sore throats, strep throat, sinus infections, cough

Replace Deoderant

Helps relieve certain skin conditions
(helped so much with my psoriasis!)

Seven custom pH levels of water come from this one machine

Slightly acidic, similar to rain water

Replace facial soap and toner

Can replace hair conditioner without leaving coating on hair

Can be used on rashes including
diaper rash

Water indoor and outdoor plants for vigorous growth. Canrevive dying plants.

Cooking- boiling pasta/noodles

Replace Windex and Polish Hardwood Floors and Ceramic Tile

Ionized, Hydrogen Rich Water

Full of Antioxidants

Detoxifies on a cellular level

High Alkaline Properties 

Microclustered (smaller molecules for optimal hydration

Contains a reading of up to -900 Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

Actively fights Free Radicals, inflammation and disease

Removes oil based pesticides on produce (tap water rinse does not do this!)

Use as laundry soap/stain removal

Bug Spray/Insect repellent

Deep clean oven, greasy pans,
clogged sinks

Replace toxic Drano and Goo gone

Makeup Remover 

Hot Bath Soak (like epsom salt)

Release Melatonin with 1oz before bed

See all 68+ uses and protocols

6.0 "beauty water"

I came across this water when looking more in depth into what's in our water. Originally I thought I just needed a really good water filter because of the contaminants and toxins that are allowed in the water we drink. When I came across this machine it opened my eyes up even more to the toxins elsewhere in our environment and how I can protect myself and family from them. Things like toxic household cleaning products (I was cleaning with diy home cleaner but it always smelled like vinegar and didn't quite do the trick.) pesticides that coat this countrie's produce- even organic produce can be possibly affected by run off, what's in the air, and germs left behind by it's handlers and toxic medications and disinfectants. I found this machine that will help me protect my family in so many aspects of our daily life AND aid our body in fighting off free radicals, cell degeneration, disease, and help us flush out toxins on a cellular level. It's incredible what this water will do for us and the machine will last 25-30 years, this investment was well worth it. 

Change your water, change your life

Personally, the "9-5" building someone else's empire was never my thing. I always knew I would create the life I wanted to live, centered around the things I wanted to do and am passionate about. This opportunity perfectly aligned with my vision with the ability to work online, with time flexibility, and sharing something so incredibly valuable to all of us- the best water we can drink. 

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