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Hi, I'm Danika!

First of all I'm a mama and a woman who is adamant in searching for the best for my family by seeking truth out in the system. I am the advocate for me and my children's health, education, and faith and those were the catalyst for me being where I am now.
I've always felt like an odd one out, not understanding why things had to be the way they were... sometimes it made me feel like a black sheep, and as a kid it resulted in a bit of a fight for independence from the system I was born into. Now as a mama I realize that my instincts were always pulling me to do things in a way that made more sense to me, but even still there was a time I was influenced by societal standards and did the things I thought I needed to do to be successful... got my Bachelor's degree (Graphic Design) got the "impressive" job and was left feeling overworked, underpaid, in a lot of debt, out of my element, I still didn't "fit in," and this is what people seemed to beam at when they asked me what I did, and I was left feeling like this is not it...

Let me tell you more...

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