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Hi, I'm Danika!

Number one I am a mama, I am a creative, and motherhood has led me to becoming an environmental health enthusiast- I can't believe the garbage substances and toxins our world is infiltrated with. I've always felt like the odd one, not understanding why things "had" to be the way they were... sometimes it made me feel like a black sheep, and as a kid it resulted in rebellion and a fight for freedom from the system I was born into. Now as a mama I realize that my instincts were always pulling me to do things in a way that made sense to me, but even still there was a time I was influenced by societal standards and did the things I thought I needed to do to be successful... got my Bachelor's degree (Graphic Design) got the "good" job (prior Designer and Photographer for an NBA team) and was left feeling overworked, underpaid, in a lot of debt, out of my element, I still didn't "fit in," and this is what impressed the masses...but I knew that wasn't it for me...

Let me tell you the rest here...

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Helping people step into an abundant, sustainable online business while promoting health and intentional living.