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To download straight to phone
Some phones can unzip a zip folder, some need an app- I use the free Unzip app for my iPhone. If you have a phone that is not an iPhone, please make sure you can open a zip file first, otherwise you can use your computer with the following step.
1. Click link that was emailed to you
2. Download files
3. If using Unzip, double tap zip folder within Unzip app and open the folder
4. Save each image to your camera roll, these will show up as .DNG files, they may look like grey squares, or like unedited images until you add them to Lightroom.

To download to computer and then send to phone
1. Click link in email to download
2. In your computer, go to your downloads- Move your presets folder out of downloads and double click the folder to unzip.
3. IMPORTANT. Make sure you back up your files! These need to be saved to a safe location like Google Drive or Dropbox. I will not resend your presets after 30 days if the original files get lost, for instance if you get a new phone. Once you are sent the email with the link to download, you have 30 days to download your presets and back them up, you are responsible for them and for backing them up to a safe place.
4. To get them on your phone, you can either Airdrop the .DNG files to yourself (iOS) or email them to yourself to then save to your phone.

mobile presets download guide

Download LUTs 
1. First purchase and download the Video LUT app ($5.99 as of right now) to your iPhone or iPad
2. On phone, go to your email from purchasing Danika Lynn Co LUTs
3. Click download link > It should give you the option to open in Video LUT app
**If on computer, at this step, go to downloads folder, unzip, and airdrop the .cube files to your phone, they should automatically install in your Video LUTs app**

LUT quick download guide

Download and install in Lightroom Classic or CC on Desktop
1. Click email link to download the presets folder
2. Go to your downloads folder, you will see the folder, if it’s zipped, double click to unzip the folder
3. Launch Lightroom
4. Click Lightroom Classic Tab at top> Preferences > Presets Tab> Show Lightroom Develop Presets> Settings >Drag your downloaded folder of presets to this folder (This is basically backing up your presets so you don’t lose them in your downloads folder and so Lightroom can easily access them)
5. Go to Develop Module in Lightroom. Click on the + sign in the right upper corner of the presets panel. Select “Import Presets”
6. Find and select your downloaded preset folder
7. Click Import
8. Close and relaunch Lightroom, your presets will be in your presets panel.

Lightroom desktop presets
quick download guide