Hey again, it's Danika,

I took the roundabout way to get to where I want to be, I got the degree, got the fancy job, worked with high profile people, and it sucked my soul. I went on to start my own photography business, but when it became incredibly busy I just didn't feel aligned, although I loved the creativity, I felt more and more drained of it the busier I became and even more mom guilt on top of that.

I was drawn to staying home with my babies, and with future plans to homeschool and slow life down to focus on them, I was torn with how to move forward. While spending any spare minute I could find researching the best ways to be as healthy as we could as a family, I came across Kangen Water- one of the best tools to support our health, sustainability for the planet, and it just happens to come with the best compensation plan that allows so many people to live a life of time freedom and financial freedom.

After researching the technology and science of how the water promotes health in such a big way, I had to have the water in my life, it was a no brainer for sure. Once I experienced the water and saw the patented compensation plan and the absolute abundance that can come from being a distributor everything aligned so perfectly for me. 

Taking the steps to research the product, fully understand the business, and visualizing how this could impact my life, and then taking aligned action is to what I owe myself stepping into a chapter of my life that truly feels right, and brings our family incredible value every single day. I went from sitting in front of a computer for hours and hours a day, to working smarter and working around me and my family's adventures every day. 


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aside from my business, I strive to live a life that is both full and intentional.

A life more intentional to me...

I take solace in slowing down, living simply, parenting with positivity, and working towards a cleaner, more sustainable, loving and nurturing world for our children.
We feel a big responsibility in creating a better world, in taking care of our Earth, and we’re raising our two daughters to do the same with compassion and individuality. Together we spend a lot of time outdoors connecting with nature, and living a full, healthy, active life as a family. We are on the search for the perfect property to homestead where we will grow our own food, homeschool, and find peace and security in what we build with our own hands. The Kangen Water business is the catalyst in getting us there that much faster. 

we’re pretty low key, and as long as we’re together
we’re happy.

Southern California



San Diego, California



Where I grew up.

Where I met my husband.

My husband was stationed here and where we started dating.

Where my husband and I spent our first few years of marriage.

Where our first daughter was born, and my husband’s home state

Kauai, Hawaii

Our most loved and frequent travel spot.