Hey again, it's me Danika,

 You have a beautiful light to share, you just need help in representing that the way you see it. I help brands with heart, compassion, and skills that heal the world, elevate and position themselves to make it possible for them to spread that light. 


Being creative (duh), anything personal growth related- i am always evolving and expanding, cooking delicious vegan food to share with friends and fam, on the beach, connecting with the earth... these are just a few things I can't get enough of. 

I'm here for ya

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aside from my business, I strive to live a life that is both full and intentional.

My Family

I take solace in slowing down, living simply, parenting with positivity, and working towards a more compassionate and sustainable world with my husband, Paul.

We feel a big responsibility in creating a better world, in taking care of our Earth, and we’re raising our two daughters Lively and Ellie to do the same with compassion and independence. Together, we love traveling, spending time outdoors, connecting with nature, and living a full, healthy, active life as a family.

we’re pretty low key, and as long as we’re
together we’re happy.

Southern California



San Diego, California



Where I grew up.

Where I met my husband, and where we currently live.

My husband was stationed here and where we started dating.

Where my husband and I spent our first few years of marriage.

Where our first daughter was born, and my husband’s home state

Kauai, Hawaii

Our most loved and frequent travel spot.